weird awkward touch within the mailbox

it was odd to see this magazine wrapped around these pieces of mail
it became even more odd when I dropped this load of mail on the dinning room table

there were three pieces of mail
all addressed to me
none of them bills
it is unusual for me to get anything in the mail other than bills

the large box-like envelope intrigued me the most
there was nothing that I had ordered
my birthday had long since past
holidays have become more about the kids

so I scanned the return address... Chicago-land
I have relatives in suburban Illinois
but this Chicagoland logo had a bike
I have realitives who are hunters and fisherman and hockey players and dads
but no cyclists in my family living in the midwest

curiousity could be contained no longer
more concerned with opening the parcel than avoiding cutting what was inside
I made and incission with the poultry sissors

business cards!
business cards?
I had not ordered business cards
I want to order business cards
but i had not ordered business cards

it turns out the myfriend at myspace Bob Fuller of Roadside Memorials had sent me a gift
a stack of business cards
Roadside Memorial business cards

then I glance at the table at the remaining pieces of mail

there it was Dirt Rag lying all close with a letter from USCF

a bit of a paradox
a paradox of value
a paradox of interests
a paradox
or at least the overuse and misuse of the word paradox

the Dirt Rag comes from my lifetime subsciption
my USCF license expires in December
in a full year it is debatable if I would do enough races to make the license worth my while
sure I have done over a dozen races this year
but only three cross races and one NORBA event asked for a license

as for a lifetime subsciption to Dirt Rag...

there is a rant on the eDirt eRag about the blog
a top five is covered

Dirt Rag
the only magazine I will read cover to cover
unlike other magazines
I really to like it for the articles

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