I remember in high school being amused by the crowds of people that started talking about the parties that were going to happen the following weekend starting wednesday afternoon
then carrying on talking about the parties of the weekend past until sometime wednesday morning

or at least that is what I think they were talking about
as I was across the hall and they were not talking to me

a hectic cycling schedule can go the same way
focusing on the weekend's racing or riding opportunities starting on wednesday afternoon
then thinking upon these events until sometime wednesday morning

last weekend was a fun event
in many ways it was a more fun day than a fun cycling event for me
I was out there hurting
my regularity and intensity of riding dropped off at the tail end of the summer
and cross does not really favor me
but it was a great warm day to watch some very exciting contests on the course
as well as the parking lot encounters

as the week slips away it is now Wednesday night
I should really be done thinking back upon sunday's race
things should really have me looking forward
but I wanted to see the CROSSTALK video and maybe some DILLARD PHOTOS
not because I want to see me on film
but because I like to see these guys productions aned presentations

I am also curious if Peter of CROSSTALK is going to use any music from FORT KNOX FIVE for his cross videos
we talked at the race and via email afterwards
in those discussions some mutual friends were linked up as well as reading on Peter's page that he was looking for music to use for his videos

the anticipation is killing me
not killing me
but the search and return has gotten to a repetitive action
much like checking for email

oh.... maybe I have some email
give fort knox a listen on their myspace page

the folks of Fort Knox Five are an evolution of the band Thunderball
Thunderball has some music used in THE COLLECTIVE
I wonder if they know that their music is for sale on another label
I hope it is all on the up and up

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