blogger beta

blogger beta

has anyone moved over to the new blogger?
is the new blogger better?
or is the beta buggy?

I tend to fear the beta
no, not the siamese fighting fish
but the early stages of a application that is still in the developing stages

give me the skinny if you know anything about the NEW BLOGGER application
bigger? better? faster? stronger?


Anonymous said...

Overall it works pretty well, especially if your blog is hosted on Blogspot.com, as yours is. If you're hosting it on your own site, as I am, some of the new features don't work...

Martino said...

Pretty good. Looks better ...
Here is the blog for my photo club

Jill said...

I've heard blogger beta limits use to others. I've avoided it for this reason.

gwadzilla said...

I think I may wait...

my brother on the bike
my brother on the blog
you are associated with a serious number of blogs there

I want to clean up my page and alter my template


action is not always as much a part of me as ideas

like today
I think I want to go riding
lets see if I an make that happen

fright now
dressing the boys (verbal instructions)
we are all going out for pancakes
(after the wife gets back from walking the mutt)
after pancakes we are purchasing a tree

while the tree is being decorated I think I will try to ride

dirt not road
looking for dirt

maybe Schaffer Farms

gwadzilla said...

I said get dressed

Anonymous said...

i've switched over. essentially to put an end to blogger's solicitations. i've noticed little difference.

gwadzilla said...

right now my ARCHIVES are not working...

I wonder if that is a current issue

or what

would hate to lose this stuff

it is foolish that I never archive it myself

Anonymous said...

I switched a few weeks ago and have noticed little benefit. And it was really aggravating to spend several weeks unable to post comments on blogs that hadn't made the switch.

Anonymous said...

I've seen little benefit since I made the switch. It has been more inconvenient than anything else.

Anonymous said...

A few positives: my favorite thing is that it introduces "labels," known elsewhere as tags, which allow you to categorize posts, which in turn allows readers to easily look up posts on a specific topic.

It also makes doing layout much much easier. That is provided you have your blog hosted on blogspot.com (as you do). If you have your blog hosted on an outside server (as I did), you can't do that.

It makes it easy to incorporate an RSS feed into the sidebar of your blog, so you can display active content from another site.

It's true though that commenting on others' blogs is a pain in the ass, at least until they switch everyone over. It can still be done, but it's necessary to take an extra step with each comment (for now).