botan rice candy

while out shopping today I grabbed some botan rice candy
have always loved this candy
botan rice candy is a composite experience

the disolving rice paper wrapper
the toy
the candy itself

the toy has been downgraded to sticker
maybe a sticker or tattoo
no more toys
Botan Rice Candy used to have really cool toys
or so I recall

I wonder if Cracker Jack still does toys
I thought that Cracker Jack had good toys
then restructured their system
eliminating the good toys
even the magnifying glass, which seemed like crap but always turned out to be the most usable toy option

then again my memory contains the memory and perspective of a child
the same child who believe his older sister when she said she got a box of Cracker Jacks that was filled with all toys and just one popped kernel of corn
or maybe it was a box that was filled with nuts and one popped kernel of corn
either way it was not true and I believed her

children can have amazingly vivid imaginations
often blurring fantasy and reality

I wonder if Cracker Jack has at least improved the quality of their tattoos
as they were selling the same package to me as they were selling to my parents
but as the product changes with the modern market and the modern world there are often evolutions
change is not always good
evolution is good
but certainly not all change is good


Mrs. Outlaw said...

I love rice candy! It reminds me of when I was a kid, they used to sell it at Pier One before they got all upscale.

gwadzilla said...

I got the kids on the block little wind up robots or ultraman toys
along with some rice candy

good stuff!

great stocking stuffer

it is still out there

you just need to find it

chinatown is good for various candies with fun packaging
definitely a good chance for the Ultraman theme