fog... and mist

the fog and the mist make for quite a site
the fog and the mist do not make for good mountain biking
as the fog and the mist aid in making mud

lucky for me I was able to get the geared Karate Monkey onto some dirt at Cabin John on Sunday
then was able to get the rigid single speed Karate Monkey onto some dirt at Schaffer Farms on Tuesday
had intended on getting some pre-work dirt miles in today and tomorrow
the post season malaise and the morning mist and fog have me blowing things off

rather than spending my time on the bike
I had the pleasure of taking an extended hike with the dog

it pleases me to get out on the trails to find that the National Park Service is doing something to resurrect the rapidly declining trails
was out on the Melvin Hazen this morning
they rerouted some steep trail into a switchback
they put in a few stairs where stairs once were

there were also some anti-erosion barriers tossed in at a few places

it is only a band aid
but it is a start
if there is a little work done each year these trails may survive
but... right now the decline is more rapid than the repair
there will have to be the point where there is fertile soil brought in along with some indigenous plants

PDF of Rock Creek Park
a gwadzilla archive from roughly two years ago
it was warm then too
a blog about my dogs

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