give Mega a shout

and poor MegA

Megan of NEWENGLANDCROSS.COM has a story of dislocating her knee
I was pleased that the page was unable to load the image for me
ouch... bummer... get well soon
sorry about the Nationals

it will be a party
have fun off the bike...
but not so much fun that you reinjure that knee


Steeker said...

I could'nt leave a comment on her page sooooooo Megan !!!! get well and I love you ;-) and will send healing thoughts your way

coach said...

ooo damn it did for me..I don't know her but WOW that looks umm yeah like she said..

gwadzilla said...


injury sucks

and well

injury really sucks if you have been focusing for an event and you are unable to compete

which definitely double sucks

hopefully she can keep a positive attitude

that dude Jonathan Page is back from a dislocated shoulder and headed to the Nats....

Josh and Barb said...

Dang! A dislocated knee??!! Nightmarish! Meg's rad, I hope she gets better soon! -josh