I have to let it go... okay... gone... but one more thing

I have to let it go
now it is gone

it is a tad frustrating

on my short 15-20 minute commute into work this morning it took just four blocks from home when I was giving passing car traffic the bird
this is the basic business as usual behavior for me
sure, I try to contain my anger
but... at times I slip to the default setting
something about threatening my life pisses me off

these incidents of the morning frustrate me more due to the fact that there is a TRAFFIC SUMMIT in my neighborhood tonight
I feel I should be there... but I am at work
such is life with responsibility
yet... somehow I feel that enlightening the car community is my responsibility as well

this morning the were a few cars that passed me
the passing was aggressive and irresponsible
the worst case scenario would involve my death
the potential gain... getting to the stop light a block ahead two seconds faster
the second car passed me in the same fashion
only to edge over to the right to block me from passing
when they saw that I was going to pass on the other side and run the light
they ran the light themselves
three blocks later after a little climb I caught them again
but I let them go
their route would have got me to work just as quick
but... trying to chat with the driver would only raise my heart rate and decrease my faith in my fellow man
so I went an alternate route allowing the conflict to fade

the point...

the traffic summit not only needs to approach the topic of cyclist's rights
but... the traffic also needs to approach the topic of cyclist's vulnerability

it seems clear to me that people need to have an awakening
the way people drive is without reason
the speed and aggression need to be replaced with efficiency and thought
people need to be more conscious of their behavior
car drivers need to treat others as they wish to be treated
the cyclist and pedestrian need to be seen for what they are... fragile flesh and bones
car drivers need to weigh the scales and see the potential for a worst case scenario
people need to look at the world around them

as a parent I am more considerate when I drive by other schools
it shocks me to see how people drive when going to drop their kids off at school
the failure to stop at stop signs
the failure to yield to pedestrians
ignoring the speed limit

then the issue of how people drive through residential neighborhoods
I try to think that people fail to see other neighborhoods as being zones where they should not speed
but... then I see people drive like assholes in front of their own homes

people suck


Anonymous said...

One solution

Get one a these

Make things right

iconoclasst said...

Nice post, well put. You're a better man than I am; I can't resist the urge to put right any expressed aggression or belligerance from drivers. Hell, I'll go outta my way to establish negative parity. Tough to just let it go, but probably better in the long run, I mean, do the math, two tons vs. 25 pounds...no contest. Then you have to wonder whether there'll be counter-retribution some day when you don't expect it. Assholes can have excellent memories.

My only saving grace is that most of my commute route is on trails with minimal traffic crossings.

Just registered for the WABA meeting tonight; guess I'll see you there.

gwadzilla said...

I do have an excellent memory

I will be headed over to the WABA Holiday Party
but... not until after 7PM

should be fun!

Anonymous said...


I totally have your back.

I did some far worse shit yesterday when someone damn near took my head off door-ing me.

You can read about it, its my post today.

Its unfortunate that situations can escalate like that - but to be perfectly honest they wanted to provoke me.

I know what i did will make things worse between cyclists and drivers but this woman had it coming.

just my thoughts