may he rest...

james brown
dead at 73
stories on npr

james brown... james brown

may james brown rest in peace

rest your head and give thanks to all that james brown shared with the world

may james brown live on in music and in song


Anonymous said...

Always believed he would be on the good foot forever, and always keeping it funky in here, yet another legand passes this year.

Anonymous said...

I'll always regret not seeing him more than just once...

gwadzilla said...

not sure if I ever saw Jame Brown...

did he play an Innagural Ball one year?


I am scanning my memory banks for a sighting
maybe a few performance somewhere

it is not coming to me

there is of course THE NEW VEGAS LOUNGE
sure it has been over a decade since h have been there
but I am sure it still has a solid James Brown inpersonator on the bill