a pic from the summer...

this is a shot from last summer's Wedndesday at Wakefield
the ride at Fountainhead and the conversations at The Bike Lane had me thinking of a few things

larry camp(s) and his move to the gettysburg area
the notion of his already stellar handling only developing to a more impressive level
and the thought about this big log
and a trick that blake told me was dubbed The Husky in a Dirt Rag issue back in 1992

here is some stuff from the cross nationals at pedal pushers


gwadzilla said...

those photos were not taken by me
those shots are by gary
let me scare up a link for that


gwadzilla said...

this picture has me asking

why do I grow a beard?


why do I ever shave that beard off?


gwadzilla said...

that picture of RickyD is still disturbing to me
it is not the dress
as he looks pretty... oh so pretty
it is the lack of under garments that worries me

click on the image to enlarge it
it is worth a look