post work over spin

the morning walk with the dog often dictates the clothing for the day
that morning walk is in the woods which can also dictate my ride for that day

the walk was short
just the standard 15-20 minutes in the park
more than enough time to finish that last cup of coffee

when I suited up for the short ride into work I considered wearing work gear and riding the old Rocky Mountain Blizzard which is currently outfitted with flat pedals
but the misty muggy morning dictated the use of gortex
the warmth of the morning has me wear a short sleeve shirt, a very light jacket, shorts under the gortex pants, and three quarter finger fingerless gloves
that little gear had me sweating within the waterproofing by the time I arrived at work

got out of work early
could not waste the day light
so I decided to go for a ride around town
the karate monkey single is fun to noodle around on
but no fun to try and race traffic on
no issue with the bike
just that this bike is geared for dirt
which requires a much easier gear that the paved streets

rode around for a bit until the mist turned to rain
the gloves did not feel sufficient
started to feel as I had misjudged the day
the day started to feel like washington in december
it was wet
it was cold
the sky was bleak
and it was getting dark early

so I spun the monkey towards home

got home to a house of smiles
everyone was having a good day out of school and home from work
the christmas presents were still fresh and the morning was spent at the movie theater

lisa walked the dogs and ran an errand while I watched the boys
there was still some active interest in the various christmas toys
then a few young neighbors came over
everyone was playing downstairs
then there was a sneaky migration up the stairs
it was the Mario game
I gave them some space and listened for complaints
then poked my head in to make sure everyone was getting a turn
everyone was sharing nicely
I watched for a second then I joined in
then had to pull myself away
handed back the controls and got the two younger boys in on some funky alien weirdo mr. potato without the potato sort of toy

then lisa returned with pizza from vace

present time
more madness has taken place
the boys are all amped
not wanting to got bed

I am in the office standing guard

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