the race within the race

the race within the race

Betsy Shogren and Melanie Swartz fight for the Series Championship
while settling for 3rd and 4th in the Women's Elite Class for the day
results from the Capitol Cross Classic


Sunday was an amazing day for racing
also a great day for socializing

among the faces I ran into at this weekend's cross race was Graham of GOCLIPLESS
it is interesting when people move from the electronic world to the real world
Graham was out there with his whole family
it was good meeting him
Graham has some information on a 29er Festival

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Graham said...

Good to meet you in the real world too. We'll have to grab a beer some time and talk bikes and blogs and such. Was planning to put some pics of the race up on the blog, but I'm on the road and left the card at home. I'll see if the Kgirl can email 'em to me...caught you crossing the barriers...I think.