rainy morning... good thing I rode yesterday

don't ask how... but it happened
I managed to get out for a mid-week ride yesterday...

there had been some talk about a NIGHTRIDE with Chris of the Velvet Lounge
yet... the unseasonably warm weather was such that I could not avoid the temptation for an afternoon assault on some local trails
Sunday's romp at Cabin John had me yearning for more
not neccessarily more technical... just more riding
the flow of Schaffer Farms seemed like a good place to get out on the bike
Gambril crossed my mind... but Schaffer sounded like a better place for a first time out on the bike together
not to mention the slightly shorter drive to German town rather than Fredneck fit into my ever small window of opportunity

as Chris and I had never ridden together I was not sure of our compatibilty as cyclists
as it turns out we are somewhat dissimilar riders... I am a XC guy who hammers things out
if I approach an obstacle at speed and do not feel comfortable trying to clear it
I often pull a cyclocross move and skip over it like some namby pamby prince
while Chris is more of a trials sort of guy with his platform pedals who approaches the obstacle
stalls... takes a reading of things before him... then rolls up... stalls again if he has to then rolls down
it was pretty sweet to see Chris clear some of these log piles
while I stood on the side along side my demons

this morning came with mist and rain which made the memory of yesterday's ride even sweeter
as we had intended on a nightride this evenin
the slow but steady rain would make it such that it would be irresponsible to try to hit any dirt

although Chris and I are very different riders
it is the type of riding relationship that could benefit me
the conversation is good and Chris' technical approach to the obstacles is really what I need to focus on
as a father of two I have really let my dirt time slip
seldom do I get on dirt for anything other than races
which has me more focused on effiency than technical ability
time to get my technical back

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