roller derby...

the whole notion of roller derby makes me curious...

is roller derby the alterna-girl version of a softball league?
is it a real sport?
are there contests, competitions, beginners and pros?
is it just a way to showcase different personalities?
cover charge to see the girls battle it out
sort of like strippers on skates?
is it a show like pro-wrestling?

it is all very curious to me
and curious in a way more than just an excuse to search the web for images of Heather Graham as Roller Girl or to find Suicide Girls on roller skates

charm city roller girls
rat city roller girls

some one set me straight...

it may be legit sport
sort of like field hockey being a real sport
but I just went and watched the practices to see the cute girls run around in those private school girl-esque skirts

SIN IN LINEN from one of the Rat City Rollergirls


Anonymous said...

Try asking a roller girl in person if it's like "strippers on skates" and see if you leave with your teeth in place.

There is definitely a performative element to the current incarnation of roller derby, and many rollergirls embrace the opportunity to be outright sexy as part of the competition, but it completely distinct from softball, field hockey, or pro wrestling. It is full contact, unscripted, and my league, at least, trains seriously 4-5 times a week. We hold public bouts once a month in season, and have drawn at least 1,000 spectators to each. Some current leagues are more into bending the rules of rough play than other leagues are, just as some NBA teams have more brawlers than others.

The Wikipedia entry on roller derby is a good place to start if you really are curious about the sport in its modern (mostly flat-track, almost exclusively female) form, and has quite a lot of information on the history and evolution of roller derby. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roller_derby

Most current leagues are members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, or have membership pending. http://www.wftda.org

And a good current nationwide blog about roller derby is http://leadjammer.com/

Soupie said...

pgh's roller derby scene is growing by leaps and bounds.