SSWC '07

SSWC '07 in Scotland

guess it was foolish of me not to attend in '06 when I could have driven

should be cool

stole this link off the DRUNKCYCLIST smutty site
man I love that place

while I was there I found myself reading about another joel
it seems that this joel was in a serious car accident on his way back from one of his many adventures
his condition is serious as he has suffered some serious damage to his spine
wish him luck
take care of yourselves

love life
do not risk it


Anonymous said...

Don't think you could have driven to Sweden, my friend. You're thinking of the '05 SSWC, which was held at State College, PA.

It was a blast!

PS: This is the last time I'm correcting your posts, ha.

Have a great holiday!

gwadzilla said...

I definitely need a copy editor
and a fact checker
you are the right man for the job
good work
happy new year
there is a little extra in your check this month

gwadzilla said...

guess I would need a saab or a volvo to drive to sweden

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, Saab continues to boast about that tenuous jet lineage, so maybe that's the one to choose.

Hmm, "born from jets"; yeah, well, Mercedes, BMW, and Mitsubishi (to name but a few) can claim a similar airplane heritage. It's even evident in their respective "stylized propeller" logos.