bought the boys Superman Returns

last night we started it
right now they are finishing it
it is a pretty good film from what I have scene
not so much dependent on effects
moves more slowly like an older style film
although the effects are seamless and sensational just the same
it is not like Spiderman where it is all fast edits and action

I only half watched half the film
as it is always hard to watch a movie while taking constand Q&A from a two year old and a five year old
but I did seem to get one thing from this film...
clark kent is a super stalker... and well... so is superman
not sure how it all comes together in the end
but it is sort of weak how the man of steel is trying to steal this woman from her family
let it go...
and clark kent... definitely let it go
your desires are creepy
and superman
lois lane is wowed by your super powers and your saving her
not by some magical connection
she digs being flow around by the guy that everyone wants
not unlike the rich guy being able to provide excitement, opportunity, and material things for a woman
it is not about chemistry
it is about the magic of what is made available by that person
if it were about chemistry... maybe she would connect with Clark Kent

off to do man stuff
the wife has a flat
actually... a flat and a flat spare
so I have some running around to do
when I am done my wife will feel like I am her SUPERMAN!

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