ten days till christmas

ten days till christmas
even if you do not celebrate it
it is in your world

even if it means you are going to the movies and eating chinese
this time is coming
by now you have created a tradition

the traditions in our house are moderately conventional
my sons are pretty into the santa thing
most definitely to a level I was never introduced

if nothing else
it may work out as a three day weekend for you

for me it will a house full of toys and a christmas goose
on top of that...
looks like I may be assigned Paella again this year
a process that usually involves a bike ride to The Eastern Market that is somewhat a traditon
it is not just that I can find most everything that would need... even rabbit... although I do not add rabbit
fresh sausages from one vendor
fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, and lobster from another
then of course farm fresh vegetables

cooking paella is a process
but I enjoy it

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