text messages or speaker phone?


Jill said...

I don't know. There's just no excuse for using a cell phone while in the charge of a moving vehicle.

gwadzilla said...

can you say "calendar model"



or at least hopefully warm

Dave V said...

Why isn't that guy smoking?

Anyone text messaging on a bike should TOTALLY be smoking a cigarette, too.

My 2 cents.


coach said...

ok alaska

gwadzilla said...

it is funny
the technology of the day is so much of the messenger's day

just as the beeper came on and added the business
the fax machine came on and threatened to kill it
the industry did not die
originals and such keep the industry alive
walkie talkies which were amazing when they happened will soon be phased out as digital two ways like a Nextel phone can handle the same tasks
but all these things happen on the move
maybe at a risk
risk is part of these people's day to day life
some of these guys crave pushing the danger
riding fixed gears no handed and flipping the bag forward
only to slip out a package and pass it off to a car courier to take it out of town
some people seek risks
some people are fueled by this

that cat has been a messenger (and a hardcore rider) for longer than most of the top pros of the day have been riding bicycles

gwadzilla said...

that said...

I am against the distractions of cell phones, head phones, and text message devices while operating a moving vehcle

but it happens

everything in moderation

and with respect and concern for the safety of others

Meredith said...

while I totally agree that talking on cell phones or text messaging while operating a moving vehicle is completely inappropriate, I would like to point out that the courier is traveling in a straight line with no other vehicles around. He is using a Nextel radio to speak with his dispatcher--a technology that allows brief questions and answers while only using one hand and not blocking any view and allowing the ability for full range of head motion. While it does appear that he is looking down and not paying attention, I have full confidence that Mark (aka Stutterin' Mark, aka Remix) can handle himself on that bike while speaking to his dispatcher, carrying a box and saying "whats-up" to a friend at the same time. Mark doesn't smoke cigarettes--hence the reason he is not smoking one. He also has a super cute stutter that comes out when he gets a little nervous. He probably talks best while doing something else at the same time, such as riding his bike, in order to keep himself from focusing on his nervous stutter. Just a thought--some people aren't wired to do only 1 thing at a time.