beast mom is talking about bike for life

a blog, beastmom, is talking about the book bike for life

to aid in the proper start for the new year I think I should pull out my copy of bike for life as a copy of the prophet by kahlil gibran

the start of the year has been bumpy
which sucks as I was shooting for a clear take off


The Beast Mom said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the shout-out and email. I appreciate it. I'm really enjoying this book.

I read your post below about parents/kids/sports on tv - our kids actively participate in sports year round and we don't actually have tv at our house. So every once in a while, we're at a friend's house to watch a game (like tonight's Seahawks game). But we watch very little tv in general.

-beast mom

gwadzilla said...

we have a television
my kids watch a fair amount
they also spend a good amount of time outside
then inside there are books and puzzles
the television is good for downtime