before the Internet... there were flyers

more projects stemming from the effort to clean up the basement

in the basement my wife had a box of maps and flyers

this box had been dragged around for the last ten years
it was time to either use it or lose it

as cool as these flyers may be for memoribilia
they were just hidding in a cardboard box among many cardboard boxes in the basement

I went through the collection and tried to put together something interesting to the eye

highlighting some of the names of the day
and some of the major events that we attended

funny to think that this old couple used to like to go out and dance
we still dance from time to time
but it is in the living room with our kids
lisa dances
I watch and listen

originally I had intended upon attempting a discussion about the use of flyers
a pre-Internet form of communication
as the punk scene and the early stages of the rave were really a combination of word of mouth and flyers
I got sidetracked

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