catching up with Lonnie

always good to see Lonnie
our interactions tend to be short
as we pass each other during the course of our work day
yet in each short exchange there is always time for hellos, some philosophy, and some information
on this day our philosophy and information overlapped
the mention of Kahlil Gibran
taught me about Books for America
and yes...
there was also a warm smile accompanied by a hand shake and a hello

lon in dupont
lon at second story books


Anonymous said...

looks like it's warmer on your side of the country then it is in our parts.

gwadzilla said...

and warmer today than yesterday

things are looking good!

with the new climate trends it will be no time before we will have cacti instead of grass on the White House law!

and the need for tanning salons?
no mas!
tan all you want
UV Rays all around!