DC Blogger Summit

Mark Fisher of the Wash Post wrote a piece about the DC Blogger Summit that was held earlier this week

give it a read
chase down the links
some good non-cycling blogs
yes... there are a few non-cycling blogs

on a side note...
I hope that the failure of my Archives to open is an issue with my not upgrading to the NEW AND IMPROVED BLOGGER
and is something that will be repaired soon enough
I bet that failure ties into my lack of response to my GOOGLE efforts


Anonymous said...

I had the same issue with my archives - seemed to happen with the switch to beta... You have to go into your blogger settings and make sure you have the URL correct for the archives location. or something like that. It took me a couple tries, but I got it working.

I noticed that all your archives have "rchives" in the URL. maybe in your blogger settings you need to change that to "archives"...

mine was something like that... sorry if that was rambling.

gwadzilla said...

that missing a is an issue
have not found a way to fix it yet

still feeling it may be a NEW BLOGGER OLD BLOGGER issue

as I have been refused for the switch