hate when that happens

this morning on my short commute to work I made the turn
crossing from zip code to zip code
going from mount pleasant to adams morgan I stepped out of the saddle to pick up the pace
just as I was trying to bust a move around a right turning car
I busted a spoke

I hate when that happens

the feeling of popping a spoke has a similar sensation to ripping the seat of your pants
the emotion of strength and confidence is quickly replaced by awkward and insecure

my bottom returned to the saddle and my pace lessened
I played through my day and tried to figure how I or when I could get this spoke replaced

District Hardware at lunch?
District Hardware before they shut down
as District Hardware is being forced out of their space

or... do I head to City Bikes in Adams Morgan after work?
with fresh batteries in the camera I can shoot the photographs I had intended to shoot the other day and I can maybe use their stand to true my wheel

got to work and looked at the spoke...
the spoke tore through at the nipple
not sure if the rim is still in tack to hold a spoke with that eyelet
that would be a bummer
spoke=75 cents
rim=more money than I care to spend on this frankenfixie


Anonymous said...

So, did the spoke pull out of the nipple (spoke thread shear) or did the nipple and spoke pull through the rim eyelet?

The latter technically isn't a "broken spoke" scenario, is it?

If the rim eyelet gave way, you could try a washer between the new nipple and the rim bed; your LBS probably has some. Good luck.

The only time I've damaged a GOOD rim was backing it into a fence with the bike on a car rack, ha. Gotta rebuild that wheel, as it's my "winter" wheel.

Anonymous said...


i just got a PS - 2 truing stand if you need to use it.

also i have a lot of nipples if you need those too...

wow that came out wrong. does your wife read this?

anyway just drop me an email.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your spoke and sorry to hear about District Hardware. That place was convenient.

P.I.A. One Speed Freak said...

OUCH! Don't do that spoke thing... it hurts. Good luck redoing the wheel. I'm a bit far away to help you with it, but I would if I could.