interesting people.... interesting lives.... interesting paths

that is a great photo
bet there is a great story
bet it is a snap shot and not a photo shoot

ya, know.... I know nothing about the band H20
not really familiar with their music or their position in the music scene

where ever it is and whatever they are saying... well, it is all certainly an interesting story
perhaps every band's story is an interesting one
it fascinates us from the outside
them on the stage
us in the crowd
no matter where the band is performing
no matter how they travel there is some attraction to the lifestyle

slumming in in a white van or traveling in a chartered jet
either story has its appeal to us on the outside
somehow we crave either existence
as both ways are so different than our own

these guys have history
these guys have lots of years adding up into lots of history
they have been in bands together
they have been in bands apart

these guys have energy and passion
or so they did when I used to know them nearly 20 years ago

we were all pretty much kids
adolescent kids
during that time I was just starting college and some of these guys lived around the county where my college was
we all skated and listened to punk
okay... they skated
I did not skate very well
we would see each other at backyard skate ramps and punk shows
we shared mutual friends

during that time todd was in a band called The Roadside Petz
or was it The OutCrowd?
either way... they had energy and they had a local following
they sang about adolescent stuff
it was pretty cool
they were tight and they did this double singer thing
but... it was a tough time
the scene was tough
they were kids singing about kids stuff
while the vibrant scene in dc was going through an intellectual revolution

all the guys who in their early teens were recording on 8 tracks and cutting seven inches with nothing but three cords, fast drums, and shouts and screams had all learned to play their instruments
the exercise of writing music had developed
an already advanced set of thinking took another great leap forward

this was the early days leading into the revolution summer
the birth of emo core
a brand that I never cared for
while the roadside petz were branded as being crab core
crab core? as maryland is for crabs....
you get crab core

it was tough for them to cross over into a moderately incestuous scene
an incestuous scene with a little bit of an attitude

that was roughly twenty years ago
those guys have been in many different bands since then
traveled the world
calling ny their home

it is an amazing story
I can recall toby as a high energy teen
this kid was a rocket
he could not slow for a second
it was intense
he would be bouncing off the walls doing these kick flip ollies on his skate board
all the while talking
talking about this
talking about that
he had all sorts of ideas
one of his big ideas was getting out of the county

he had another older brother, tracy that lived in ny city
toby was headed for new york city
must have been waiting to graduate and move to new york city

it is intense

rusty, toby, and todd
man... I bet they have fought like cain and able
bet they all fought like brothers... well, of course todd and toby are brothers
but that whole band thing.... it is like boyfriend and well...
and of course... sibling rivalry... f ck an a right!
toby being the front man
I can only imagine
okay I can imagine... but I gave my brother alpha dog position years ago
as he is older it is less of an issue
yet, they are still together and it seems like they are producing and prosporing

check out toby's history
his being a roadie for sick of it all
who grew to sing one song
to be the front man in a band

that is awesome to live your dreams
as someone fascinated with life
I see that this path and its course would make a great story to be told
in story book or documentary form

these are some charasmatic individuals
they are traveling the world and rocking the stage

H2O Official Site
from their official site you can get to their myspace pages
apparently todd was on Miami Ink
rusty gets creative not just with music but also with his jewelry
and the path and passion of toby and straight edge is really something
that in itself could be a documentary

I googled myself
sure enough
I blogged about these guys in 2004
and again down this page in 04

I bet these guys are as cool, as mellow, and as real as they were twenty years ago
okay... toby was intense... yet also mellow


gwadzilla said...

the funny thing...
when I started up the computer I thought I was going to tell a story about seeing Henry Rollins perform with Black Flag

not the show I went to at Pierce Hall with Kamal Yaden

but a few years later on the Slip It In Tour... yes... Henry had eras and tours
it was a situation in his evolution

went to that show

hold on
am I telling the story here?
I wanted to do some images
aw.. heck... I am this far

went to that show with my then


will get to that later
sorry KC

time to get the cart ready for tomorrow's sales

gwadzilla said...

Rites of Spring on MYSPACE


as much as I dug Black Flag and the Rollins Show

Rites of Spring had an energy and emotion that I really enjoyed
although it was tough to swallow some of the effect they had on people

we used to joke and skate the ditch at White Flint singing their songs
at times torn between enjoying them and mocking them
the crying may have been too much for me
don't get me wrong
get me talking about my dead dog and I will cry
but not when someone starts playing guitar

pat said...

Todd Toby Rusty and the guys are the same as they used to be. A few years ago, while working at the troc, I saw Rusty in a Santa suit call a guy out from on stage and almost go into the crowd after him. That is true passion.

gwadzilla said...

the inability for the Outcrowd/Roadside Petz to blend with the DC thing also had to do with them living in a different town and being a few years older

it is all very interesting
it is cool that they did their own thing
and grew in the direction that they exist today

they seem to be having a positive effect on those that they encounter

gwadzilla said...

got an email from a friend in AZ
he clicked on some of those links
not sure if it was the myspace Rites of Spring or the YOUTUBE Rites of Spring
either way
apparently a guy with bothy know named Haig filled those shows
wonder if he hosted those
or how the videos changed hands

durning that same era I filmed a show for a friend, Bells of
not sure whose camera it was.... maybe Hounddog's
in any case
I was in charge of filming
it was dark
I did not know how to use that camera
I did not know how to use any camera
so I did not know how to ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT
but I did find a button that inverted the image
tried with one song to invert things to the beat
of course the beat was off
partially due to the response lag
and partially due to my lack of rhythm