just around town with the camera afterwork

after work I did not feel much like riding
it was not so much that I did not want to ride my bike
it was more a factor of my hips feeling tight
as this is the off season there should be days off the bike
days off the bike are as important as days on the bike
the legs are tired and my hips are sore
just need to rest my legs

got out with the gear on a few minutes before 5PM
the days are getting a little longer so I did a downtown loop before heading home
had the camera
then had the camera in my hand
tried to snap some shots as I moved about the city

the combination of the digital delay and the movement on the bike combined for a handful of blurred shots
then there was the message battery exhaused

with a filled memory card there can be image deletion
with a dead battery
there can be very little done

I pulled the batteries
warmed them up a bit then flipped them into the other slots

managed to get a number of shots

had the pleasure of running into max
rode with max for a few blocks as he made one of his final drops of the day
then pointed things towards home

the wind was trying to push me around the lanes as I made my abreviated commute home

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