kids do the cutest thing...

tonight the boys were wild...

I did not have to be a detective to see that the boys had eaten some candy
they ate some candy like whinnie the pooh ate some honey

the boys were nothing short of wild...

after dinner the boys were running around acting wild
thinking I was swift I sent the boys upstairs to find a good spot for the new Star Wars Wall Hanging that I created
the boys went upstairs
there was the standard sound of romping and toys crashing

lisa and enjoyed what is the closest thing to silence in the house when the boys are around
we chatted as we cleaned up after dinner
then things got silent
not quite silent... but suspiciously quiet
we could hear them... so we knew that they were both still alive
I told lisa I would head up after I grabbed something from the basement

I dipped into the basement and found a little replacement nub that goes on the built in mouse on the beater laptop I use while I blog and watch tv
the same laptop that I am comfortable leaving with the kids to watch videos or play internet games
when I came up the stairs with great pride of finding this needle in the haystack
a piece of junk found the vast expanse of junk
proving that it is important not to throw everything away
as you just may need it

I met up with the boys in the kitchen
the kids looked gleeful
but I assumed it had something to do with the blankets they were using as capes

I told the boys that we should head upstairs so that they can show me the spot they had selected for the star Wars Wall Hanging
they agreed
but first they wanted to show me something
they were excited
I wanted to be a good dad and see what they wanted to share
was it a couch cushion fort?
was it a lego castle?
had they built a thomas the train track around a lincoln log castle?

I followed behind letting their excitment aid in my curiousity
we walked into the play room with the television
they presented their master piece
beside my laptop were over 26 little tiles
dean and grant had removed all the keys from my laptop's keyboard
in my hand I still held the little rubber nub for the built in mouse

as angry as I could have been I just laughed
explained the seriousness of it all
expressing that the computer is like the tv in the respect that it is not to be played with
and that it is to be treated gently
there was mention of their ages and that they must know better
I was firm yet not angry
the irony of the little replacement mouse brought the humor to an ultimate level

as I finished my fatherly lecture grant reminded me with a point that I still had my "work laptop"
he was proud
even still knowing he had broken my laptop

it has been almost a year since the last time grant took the keys off a laptop keyboard
thought he had outgrown such attempts at humor

have not started that joke of an effort to replace the keys
a process that would most certainly take a long time
in the end leaving me with missing keys and dead keys

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