a look forward to 2007

every year offers this wonderful concept of a fresh start

who does not want a fresh start?

shed the bad
build off the good
move forward
be a better person than the year before

a clean slate
tabla rasa
or something like that

for slackers like myself
this is always a time to try and get a fresh start off the blocks
a time for a mental pep talk

my life like most any other life has room for improvement
aside from the basic things to do lists
there is some other stuff
as much as I try to be a good dad... there is always room for improvement
so I take being a better father and a better husband as the top two things on my list
then falling in shortly after that I opt for an effort to be a better employee
which will effect all of us... there may need to be a responsible control over the beast which is the blog
as my life is cumulative notion goes
just as all the bad adds up
so does the good
cleaning my basement is an activity that will clear my head
this is a metaphor for so much else in my life
including the dusty attic which is my brain

do I have any New Year's Resolutions?
well... nothing that I have been so responsible as to write down to make myself accountable for
but... I most definitely have some goals of some tangible objectives that will aid to make my life better as well as the lives around me better as well

I will write two things down
blog less
show up to work on time
there are others
but the list is too long to display here
as that would act to nullify my first listed objective

sure I want to be thinner and faster on the bike
and I also want a full head of hair
but.... honestly
those things are not as vital as some of the other things on my list


theboy said...

I hope there won't be too much "responsible control" over the blog. Don't you think writing helps you think? I know your writing works for me.

gwadzilla said...


definitely less blog time

some days will allow more than others