men are pigs... I am a man... logic would say...

men are pigs
I am a man
as logic would have it
I am a pig

some of this is male pigishness is wired into our genetic make up

it is true
so many of our decisions are just binary responses
yes or no
the decision is made before we even try to get logical

as a general rule I try to help someone out when they are trailside in need of assistance
if someone appears to be injured... it is an auto response to stop and try and lend aid
if the person has a mechanical... the auto response is to offer assistance
now... it the person is female and is trail side and appears to need assistance and she looks like this...
I slow... I stop... I offer assistance
if assistance is not needed
I demand that she needs my assistance
I tune her bike
I pump up her tires
I balance her check book
anything she needs
I will do it for her
then her boyfriend shows up and I go back to my wife and children

not entirely true
as I have reset my default settings
over the years I have seen how the beautiful people get special treatment
when working in a bicycle shop I recall the saturday sunny morning influx of non-customers
it was always the same thing...
air in the tires, adjust the seat, tighten the handlebars
no money headed to the register
all requested actions for free
with the sticker on the seat tube displaying that the bicycle was bought elsewhere
so often the person requesting the service was a cute female
more often then not... her boyfriend was waiting out front
I would try to have the cute women bring in the useless lug of a boyfriend
then I would talk as I worked...
your boyfriend can't put air in the tires, your boyfriend can not turn a wrench to tighten a bolt, etc
the work was normally done in the wish that they would bring their business to the shop in the future
always wishing... give a little... get a lot
it did not always happen that way
they seldom came back
if they did come back... it was for more free adjustments

it is a brave new world
we hold the door open for a lady
she walks into the office
then she takes our job

my tendancy is to hold the door open for the person following close to me
male or female
beautiful or not
that is just how I was raised

as far as helping pretty girls with bike repairs trailside with greater willingness then helping some dude...
sorry... sometimes it is hard for us to be bigger than our genetic make up


Anonymous said...

You really need to get some fella. Nice try. Everyone knows you like men.

gwadzilla said...

no thanks

but thanks for looking out for me

appreciate it

gwadzilla said...

the funny thing about that image
I stole it off some myspace page
never really gave it to much of a thought
just figured it was some Vargas girl
a picture that this person stole
so there would be no issue in my taking it and tossing it on my page without mention to the myspace user

after closer look
a closer look past the panties

it appears that the image is a compostite
some pretty solid Photoshop work
the green bike is the myspace user's actual bike
the bike, the tile, the fence are all a photograph
the woman is a drawing from elsewhere
dropped ontop of the image
the scale working well
the hands matching up perfectly
and the sky
that too is fabricated
maybe taken from somewhere else

too bad I may never stumble down that electronic path that took me there

oh well

maybe someone will see that image and refresh my memory of its root

Steeker said...

Still a nice picture

gwadzilla said...

a wonderful picture

Anonymous said...

"I slow... I stop... I offer assistance
if assistance is not needed
I demand that she needs my assistance..."

funny stuff.

even funnier:

Men don't want
women helping them
with bike on the trailside,
even if they need it or
they are suffering.

Well maybe they will
take a tube, but not
any other help or
advice..maybe that is
genetic ?

gwadzilla said...


lack of knowledge on how to fix a bike is more a matter of nurture than nature
that is a product of socialization
things that are exposed to an individual
things that are expected of an individual

these rules are changing

the days of Richard Scarry are fading fast


the books are great
kids love them
but the sex stereotypes are strong