not much time on the bike this weekend...

not much time on the bike this weekend...
it is winter
which for a cyclist means "the off season"
even if I avoid the "t" word
during the mountain bike season I do try and ride more and ride more hard
even if what I am not doing is not actually "training"
this is winter... I am taking it easy and focusing on other things
mainly focusing on nothing

yesterday I mixed business with pleasure
with plans for guests over for dinner I had some shopping to do as I was set to play chef
not planning a shop as big as Costco it seemed like the bicycle and the backpack would manage just fine
the menu of the evening was quite simple.... curry
my classic curry goo-lash

already had a few packets of Golden Curry that the wife snagged from my dad's
so, there was no need for a stop in Chinatown, although there is a grocery store in Chinatown that very well could have suited my curry cooking needs
no... I decided to do a little repeat of the christmas eve cross town ride
heading over towards the eastern market to get my fresh produce and meats from the various vendors in the historic market on capitol hill

the ride cross town was uneventful
was riding the specialized cross bike as the pink franken fixie still has a cracked frame
considered the single, but did not want to be forced to overspin things to maintain traffic pace
my course was repetitive of so many post work cross town loops
but I took it just the same
as the trip past the federal buildings on Penn. Avenue would allow me to capture a glimpse of the anti-war protests that were taking place on the mall
once again caught without the camera

there were all sorts of cyclists heading to the protest on bicycle
many with great banners and flags with anti-war and anti-oil sloggans
the camera was not on my person
so I kept rolling

once at the eastern market I created the curry concoction in my head
not sure of my guests likes or dislikes I stayed clear of seafood
although a seafood curry may be on my mental menu in the future
had intially considered lamb, but then felt that a conventional chicken curry may be best
but once in the market I reverted to my preffered vendor in the market... the sausage vendor
yes... jokers and hecklers take your simple shots
I have pitched you a slow and simple set up
knock it out of the park
I scanned the various sausages looking for flavors that would match up with the curry flavor

in the end I went to two different vendors who had slightly different selections
the different selection amuses me
as each stand is owned by brothers of the same family
they most certainly go through the same distributors
there were thai chicken sausages, lemon chicken sausages, something and cilantro chicken sausages, and a lamb and pork flavor that matched up well in the mix
with the meat in the bag I focused on the vegetables
simple... a white onion and a red onion... fresh cilantro and fresh basil.... some potatoes and some carrots... and of course some red and green pepper
passed the two poultry vendors but felt that I had enough meat for the mash
considered some chicken claws for a humorous effect but figured not

with a backpack full of food I made one stop before heading home
stopped by to see an artist friend on the hill to discuss the welding of the frame
welding is not his thing... but he dabbles in many medias
and... most importantly he has the tools for welding
he felt confident that he could tag things back in place
although it is me riding the bike not him...
while there I looked at some art and tried to get him to give me some stuff to hang on my walls
the promise of free art was there but I left empty handed

I made that quick cross town ride and started cooking
everything came together nicely
the golden curry mix makes a wonderful gravy sauce
the early afternoon preparation allowed for a few hours of simmer time
there was just enough time to soften up the carrots and potatoes

some errands with the boys
a drive to target in northern virginia was an effort to get grantman to fall asleep for an afternoon nap before drop off at grandma's for the evening
no luck...
at Target I was able to stick the list... klennex and the game memory
dean and grant were whisked through the store so quickly that they hardly had time to beg, plead, or whine for a new toy
at the register we ran into a friend and her daughter
rather than catch up there we agreed to meet up at a toddler park up the road in Del Ray

the kids played
grant finally fell asleep on the drive home
dropped the kids off
hosted some friends for dinner
grabbed the kids
everyone went to bed early and slept late

got up this morning and went to a Yoga class
a small semi-private class at City Bikes for people associated with City Bikes...
employees.... team members... and friends
the instructor is a really nice guy who I know from around town
he taught a great class that left my body worked while also being nothing shy of refreshed

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Surly Rider said...

City Bikes Yoga! I should have stuck around a few more years for that.

I could only imagine paul doing some yoga. I imagine mark woudl be good at it.