other things that do not need to be taught...

over the holiday weekend there was all sorts of cross parent interaction
there were various playdates
all sorts of kid friendly holiday parties
there were gatherings with family
there were gatherings with friends

it amused me to see the repeated occurance of small children's interest in sports on television
whether it be thanksgiving or new year's day
it seems that there is always a football game on the tube
fathers sitting proud with their children beside them
everyone hypnotised by that new and improved HD style blue glow

it is great to see parent's share something that is important to them with their children
it seems that sports on television
and the religious gathering in front of the tube on game day is something that need not be taught
as it is something that happens naturally
to foster the american interest in sitting in front of the television on game day just does not seem neccesary

at one party there was a father boasting about how he treated his son to a three hour trip to a sports bar
while at another party a father wondered if his son's interest would transfer into playing sports
neither parent had any interest in them playing football
they just wanted them to watch football

sure these are good dads
and certainly they do more than just watch the game with their kids
the days are long and it is tough to keep a kid entertained
we have a television
we watch feature films and occassional shows on animal planet or discovery
the whole house is addicted to the ten year old Mario 64 game
but it just seems like there is no need to foster an over active interest in game day for a small child
all those things will come naturally

with all this said
there are times when I feel guilty that my son is out of touch with the conversations about the game on sunday
heck, there are times when I am at work and I feel a little out of touch with all the monday morning quarterbacks reliving that hail mary pass or the statue of liberty play
when I think of the highlights of my weekend
I most certainly to not want those ideas to be dictated by the win or the loss of the home team

anyone want to buy my football card collection?

and this
in college

no I did not play football
but I got the Heisman
all sorts of woman gave me the Heisman


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Not to say that I am not guilty of plopping down in front of the tv and almost mindlessly watching something (last night at midnight for example there was a pathetic show on about a couple of losers who were using steroids to help them bulk up for vanity) BUT - I think its really important to discipline tv watching, especially for the kids. An hour spent reading or talking or playing is very, very different than an hour in front of the tv. I want my kids figuring out stuff that interests them (even if its just running around and acting like insane Irish dancers) and actively going for it, not passively watching somebody else doing it.


gwadzilla said...

here it is...
home from work with the boys
well... only my younger son is with me now

this morning we had a playdate with a friend of dean's

there was some Lego Madness
then some messing around in the backyard on in the club house
sans hay
although hay had been requested by the young guest

the playdate with the right combination is easier to handle than the boys by themselves
a new face makes the old toys fresh again

we left for an errand for more mouse traps when the mother of our morning guest left after the pizza and pears were finished

while loading up the car dean traded me and my errands for a trip to the skatepark with a neighbor and his dad
no... dean can not skate
like father like son
but it is something that interests him and his buddies

so grant and I took off on an adventure
of course he wanted to go along with his brother
but I was thinking he would nap
after the hardware store
then a five dollar toy at the five and dime... a store where five used to mean five cents not five bucks

as grant did not nap I took him to the stables in Rock Creek
we mixed and mingled with the horses
keeping our distance as I understand horses about as much as I understand cats

now we are back home

the errand in the car did not have the desired effect of knocking grantman down for a nap
so we are watching Avatar on DVD

the movie or television can be a good way for the kids to decompress

also a good chance for daddy to relax as well

bummer grantman does not want to nap
as I could really use a nap
still trying to regroup after the holidays

gwadzilla said...

grant is half playing and half watching
while I am half bloggging and half sleeping