photos at lunch...

so, I stepped out for lunch with the camera
trying to stay true to my new year's resolution I accepted that I may or may not encounter any cyclists as I head to the bank machine then over grab some cheapie chinese I slowed to take a few pictures

there was an older gentleman with a classic schwinn paramount
or maybe it was just a paramount
his rig was outfitted with campy parts
the shifter was pre-index
and the brake levers had the cables visible making that grand loop that the kids today have never seen before

he was a pleasant fellow who did not mind my approach
I snapped a few shots as he took off his street shoes and put on his cycling shoes
took a few shots of his bike
zoomed in on some of the parts
then took a few shots of the man with his bike
it was a colorful shot
his bike and all of its classic splendor with a very colorful brick wall in strong contrast to his reflective safety vest

as it was lunch time
I said my goodbyes and headed off to grab my lunch
as I walked back there were a few more shots
a man rolled by on a bianchi pista
his skills were awkward
but I am in no position to be judging another's comfort on a fixie
as I am awkward on the fixed gear myself
not awkward rolling
just awkward stopping

so I snapped a few shots of this guy rolling by
focusing my attention to his Power Straps on his pedals
while capturing a few good motion shots

crossed over M Street headed towards the cheapie chinese joint
snapped a few more shots of some random cyclists
then dipped in and grabbed some chicken with cashew nuts

ate my lunch at my desk and muscled through the tasks of the day
with a few minutes at the end of the day I find myself with my day over and this blog entry sans images
because my camera has been highjacked by gremlins
I pulled the point and shoot from my pocket
the device was on
I turned things off and removed the card
put the card into the computer
only to discover that the gremlins were not taking pictures within my pocket
but they were deleting my images
not sure if they deleted these images one by one
or did a mass delete
no matter what they did
we have no images.... only words
so words are what you get


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