rob can not make that move with his sitar

rob can not make that move with the sitar
well... he could
but he may miss a note or two in the process
and perhaps there is the risk of the instrument as the sitar lacks some of the ergonomics of the guitar

a lesser man would be working it wireless
but not rob

this shot appears to be from the Thievery show at the 930 Club in late december
amazing show
managed to catch the last night with the wife
good to catch some live music
good to get out and dance

photo by AMR

a shot from the opening act at the 930 that night also by AMR
federico aubele on ESL
federico aubele @ myspace
it was federico aubele who opened

both acts really took it to the live level
that was no karaoke act

trying to take my music in the direction of Rites of Spring... but it is not loading
a very different musical tone
but a direction that I was ready to head

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