somebody get jason berry on the phone...

who is eric roman?
what is the story of eric roman?

honestly... I do not know the answers
but I am certain that these questions would make for an interesting story
perhaps a documentary film
somebody get jason berry on the phone

the story of eric roman continues to write itself

a legend on the streets of dc as a messenger
a mid-altlantic single speed pioneer
and of course there is more
more than just a man standing in a french maid's dress with a can of black label and a timbuk2 bag over his shoulder

maybe somebody needs to get to work on this...


gwadzilla said...

took my camera by your request

Anonymous said...

well done.
..its like i was there.
well anyway.
hes looking skinny.
the photos are not what i expected.

gwadzilla said...

eric is skinny
wiry in an efficient sort of way
sort of like yourself

the photos...
there was a wide variety of stuff
the show included all sorts of stuff

there was a cycling theme book that I only glanced at for a minute before running out the door
it was heavily cycling themed

good stuff
there was some double exposure stuff that entertained my eye


Anonymous said...

Your mention of Timbuk2 remings me of this article from the NYTimes Magazine this weekend...

gwadzilla said...

great article

thanks for sharing

now to focus on getting my kids dressed and our day started

gwadzilla said...


megA said...

ah eric!
one of my gap-toothed brothers!

have you heard the one about him getting sucked under the 18-wheeler?

it's a good one. . .



Anonymous said...

Great article!! This Blog is one of the best in DC.. Bravo!!

gwadzilla said...

glad up enjoy the blog

UnixFanatic said...

I now Eric Roman. Shit, I met Eric in Camden Maine when he was in photo school before he moved down to DC to become a messenger. You wanna know about Eric before he was a single-speed superstar you look me up ... unixfanatic at gmail dot com