talkin trash....

catholic school girls rule...

well, in theory
but I went to catholic grade school
and well...
the uniforms did not favor the girls in my 8th grade class

here are a few blogs
mistress julie... a cute and clever cross racer
mistress julie at ridetrash.com

mistress julie video (you know you want to check it out!)


gwadzilla said...

I accidently deleted a few comments that I had intended to post

here is one from KC who rides for IF

IF Chicks has left a new comment on your post "post holiday blues":

You aren't behind in the race, really...it's Jan 8th ..it sounds like you are in need of a little inspiration. I get motivated by making up a list of all the big races I want to do for upcoming mtb season to Sept when cross starts. I also read a lot of books for energizing ideas..What the Bleep is an intersting movie that is great for winter time, full of new thoughts on life's possiblities.

What do you want to accomplish over the next few months ?? anything is possible and worth reaching for..

also spend less time looking at blogs like Mistress Julie (cross champ of utah ? she looks like she is the only one in the race from that video and I'm not saying that like she is katie compton)

Read more fat marc..Lisa Vible, MegA, Betsy Shogren are hotter racer chicks..super nice and don't need to prance around in a plaid skirt showing their underwear on their website.

go east coast women..
go gwadilla,
your chain is back on.

gwadzilla said...

thanks for the comment
the pep talk is well needed
a list and some focus on the season and on life is definitely due
the chain is back on
I am already cranking forward
appreciate the push

most definitely
megA and fatmarc are bloggers I gravitate towards
their stories are entertaining as they are inspirational
both are very cool people

although I have never met mistress julie
I can not say I can judge her for her pictures or her association with a somewhat smutty website
it all seems like it is in good fun
and well
she is riding and racing hard with a definite level of achievement
she seems to be pretty stoked on the whole thing

the country is vast
cultures are different
I live within the beltway
we are conservative around here
people dress a certain way and we assume certain things
but... in other cultures sexuality is viewed a little differently
miami beach, vegas... heck arizona
in my limited travels I have seen many differences
sublte yet significant differences

I do not know mistress julie
but... it appears to be all in good fun
she is attactive and has fun feeling that way
her style may not work for everyone
but it seems to work for her

no, am not sure how competitive things are in utah
that video was a mystery

it has to make you smile that you were drawn in to see the video

gwadzilla said...


those cross chicks you mentioned are cute
don't forget sami
and sami kicked ass at the nationals this year!


as far as kati compton goes
I thought she was cute when she was kicking as at Canaan

stumbling onto mistress julie's page introduced me to a whole culture of cycling I would have never been introduced to before

there are some very good sites with some potential for inspiration
follow the links

just as I tangent hopped and landed on this other IF blog