az confirms the washingtonian messenger images

az sent out a myspace bulletin about this months washingtonian magazine containing a spread with some photos of messengers

as of yet I have not seen az's courier calendar
wonder who got show cased

that photo is of a man I have not seen in decades, major
the photos were taken for regardies magazine
legend has it that major is in boulder
that cat was old skool and new age way back when

snagged that off a solid gwadzilla archive


gwadzilla said...

I finally saw the images in the Feb issue of Washingtonian Magazine
did not have time to read the profiles

it looked like a cool spread

all the messengers highlighted in the mag have been on the page
other than a woman Dayna
(kevin, scrooge, harper, az, dan, and I think that is it)

good stuff check it out

I may have to buy a copy

gwadzilla said...

cannondale or klein

what is major holding there?

I recall he was a faithful canyon-snail rider
but then maybe drifted to klein

leaving the 26/24 technology behind