black cat bernie

black cat bernie

some call him black cat bernie
he certainly is known for more than working at the black cat
by more I am not thinking of is working at dante's

although I do not know bernie well
I do know bernie from around town
I have known bernie for years
as well as knowing that bernie has a musical history that people who call him black cat bernie may be overlooking or may not be familiar with

google is always good for answers
I am not going to try and dig up his full disography
but I have heard that he is a talented studio musician
and I do know that he played bass on the first Rollins Band record

on this day Bernie was scheduled to teach a yoga class to some folks at City Bikes
I tried to crash the class uninvited
as it turns out the manager with the keys was out of town
the person who was supposed to fill in for the early opening for the yoga class was a no show
something to do with vomitting all morning

my body could use some yoga
went to a class lead by Bernie a few weeks back
felt so refreshed and energized after that class
as well as a little sore the following day
my body could use more of that


Alex said...

I remember him all the way back to Food For Thought.

But more importantly, I remember seeing him on stage at dc space playing bass while a woman accompanied him on violin. Very sparse and moving. It's rare that I remember a specific show from that long ago, but that one stuck with me.

gwadzilla said...

yes, food for thought
on sunday bernie and I were talking about the old food for thought which is now something else
but the mural still stands
we were talking about some of the early shows there
amazing to think of that small stage with those great bands
rites of spring
not sure who else I saw there
definitely went their for drinks as well
not being vegetarian I did not eat there very often


gewilli said...

gwadz doing yoga... hard enough for me to deal with MIF doing it...

and me reading that while eating lunch no less...

gwadz in leotard and tights doing yoga...

not pictures i need to have while eating orechetti... ;)

Alex said...

We played one show there... it was one of the more fun shows we ever did. The only detail I remember is doing a cover of a very early Pink Floyd song, "Interstellar Overdrive." (Despite the no covers sign posted on the stage.)