greenbrier goes UCI... another SPOKES article topic

finished two articles for SPOKES magazines issue for next month
not sure what will make it past the editor's desk

one article on Ride Like aGirl
the other on Greenbrier going UCI

that shot was taken by Kevin Dillard of Velophotos

PVC Greenbrier Challenge

kevin also takes messenger photos for Demoncats

(that is chris redlack in my shadow... on that day chris took first... I flatted and I took second... do you want any more excuses? i got em!)


Rocco said...

thats one of my fav courses out there.

Tim said...

Gears? You don't need those.

gwadzilla said...


if I had your strength to weight ratio
gears would not be needed

but me

sometimes i need a cog to go faster and a another cog to climb

that said

I do love my single speed