headed back from National Geographic

headed back from another set of inspirational films from the traveling tour of The Banff Mountain Film Festival at The National Geographic I took the straight route home

went up through the main strips of Adams Morgan and then Mount Pleasant
glanced at a few bars for familiar bicycles
Pharmacy, Asylum, then The Raven, Tonic, and Marx Cafe
there were a few bikes
but none familar enough to draw me in
knew I had a bottle of wine at home
so I kept on rolling

I passed the urban entertainment options and headed for the quiet of my own home

had some images in the camera that I had wanted to put on the page
but opted to give my full attention to a movie

here it is the next morning and I am trying to wake up enough to get started on the article for SPOKES Magazine...

trying to develop two different topics
Group Rides and The Greenbriar Challenge: An unofficial season opener

at National Geographic I had expected to see Redlack (Mr. and Mrs. Redlack)
there had been talk about a drink...
but there was no Redlacks in site
saw Jason Berry... wanted to give him a face to face hello... but he was on the other side of the room

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