hey... that guy went to my high school

was reading this and that as I drank the morning coffee...
saw an article on this new work out trend/fitness innovation
thought it interesting as it resembled some of the exercises that I did to recover from an injury some years back

then I caught this name, Kurt Dasbach
he was a few years ahead of me in high school
he was a super talented soccer player
I played soccer... I was a hack
(JV soccer one year in high school... four years of varsity in college Div III)

I recall hearing a story a few years ago about Kurt...
aparently when he was in graduate school he was kicking field goals for Columbia University
a school not known for its sports
the university was on a long time losing streak
kurt was having a great season of kicking all sorts of field goals
in the final seconds of a game he had a chance to win the game by kicking it through the uprights
he shanked it
although I never knew him
he always seemed like a nice guy
I almost feel bad about telling that story
especially since I have not done any fact checking on it

ny times... suspension training article
same article... different place

was going to delete this
then I realized
even if I sound like a jerk for telling that story
this is still attention and exposure to the invention


Anonymous said...

kurt dasbach was the best soccer player and one of the smartest kids at B-CC, but he was also considered one of the biggest jerks in the school, an incredibly arrogant, selfish, egotistical jock who looked down his nose at anyone (basically everyone) who didn't measure up to his lofty athletic and academic standards.

many people in bethesda were thrilled to see him get his comeuppance when he shanked that chip shot against dartmouth, thereby failing to end columbia's infamous losing streak.

what goes around comes around. i suspect life and the real world have shown mr. dasbach that he's not such a hot shot anymore - he who missed a chip shot that my grandmother could have kicked through the uprights.

gwadzilla said...

that is a trip...

now I do not feel so bad about posting about it

sounds like you guys were close

Anonymous said...

kudos to you for allowing the comment to be posted.

i stumbled across your blog today, and i like it a lot.

also, i went to jr. high with brian baker. now there was a very cool kid. he was the best skateboarder in the school, hands down. and even though he was on his own level, musically, he treated everyone the same, with kindness, respect and generosity, unlike mr. dasbach.

brian baker is the definition of Gen X alternative success.

i have a funny story about him and music class with miss ketchum at western (now westland) that i'll try and share sometime soon.

again, thanks. your blog rocks!