homer in juno

I know very little about alaska
not sure if I am correct
but I believe that juno is the only us state capitol on an island
(other than hawaii of course)
please check your sources before you use that information on a test or at a cocktail party

the blog articglass/up in alaska is authored by jill homer
which is an interesting play on names...
as it was Homer who was the writer who gave us the Odyssey
while this Homer (jill homer) writes about her personal odyssey
some of which I think took place in her former home of Homer
that too may need some fact checking

this weekend jill is racing in the susitina 100
a race I would not have known of had I not been a reader of her image rich blog
that same blog and its beautiful images was one of the reasons I started adding images to my blog

check out jill's page
send her some words of encouragement
and get off the computer and head out on your one personal odyssey

time for me to walk my dog
wish I had some cramp ons
it is slick out there
even here in washington dc

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gwadzilla said...

i misspelled juneau


spelling is not my thing

I am just a monkey hitting the keyboard trying to type out war and peace