the house is a mess... the boys are not in bed

this was from before our weekend in west virginia
was going to read it before I post it
but time has passed
it is yesterday's news
I think I will sit down and watch BORAT instead of blogging

it is late

the house is a mess
the boys are not in bed
and yes
daddy is blogging
the boys are watching the final minutes of the return of the jedi
and daddy is blogging

daddy was in the basement and the garage trying to gather gear for a weekend in the mountains
headed to canaan valley for some alpine fun
not sure what to expect
but we are bringing more gear for this weekend than the pilgrams carried when they sailed away for what would later be known as new england

the snowboard bags were easy to find
I found that they were a tad moldy

the snowboards themselves needed a little wipe down
the edges are much like my snowboarding skills... a tad rusty

bought some rub on wax
but it looks as if the boards were tunned not too far off from the last time they were ridden
the time since the last time was a long time
but the edges still seem plenty sharp

boots and gloves have been gathered with goggles
helmet and pants were already pulled for sledding and cross country skiing
as well were socks
but I still need to pack these things

the movie is winding down
while the boys are still wound up
grant has moved to bioncles while dean is fixated on the film

it is past their bedtime
but I lack the energy to fight them
I fear that I may have to skip a chapter on the film
it is risky
as dean is a little too old not to be wise to such tricks
these things do not go on unknoticed

the boys are in their pajamas
now how do I get them upstairs and asleep?
I am certain the nonparents of the world would tell me to just tell them
if it were only that easy
if it were only that easy

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