I have never watched the oscars...

i have never watched the oscars
just as I have never watched american idol and I have never watched survivor
there are some things that just do not appeal to me
the show the real world amused me for a second in its first or second season
but I was living in the real world so the mirror worked better than a television

it was funny...
I got the inside scoop on the real world for the san francisco season before it happened
but never really watched enough of it to put all the anecdotes together
well... actually...
an episode or two was enough for me to get on with things

the oscars are tonight
or maybe
the oscars were tonight

I wonder how jesus camp did
it was a fantastic film that I wish more people would see
I do not know rachel grady well enough to say... I knew her when
but... she was friends with a number of my friends
so i knew her from around town
so I gues I could say.. I knew her from around town when
or before
or something to that effect

on with Borat
I saw Jesus Camp in the theaters
Borat will do just fine on DVD

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