man sets traps on bike path

a man set a trap on a bike path
all in an effort to save the enviroment

news in the washington post

very uncool

I say throw the book at him
heck... throw a bicycle at him
better yet...
let him go free
and assign a task force for boobie trapping the world around him
what an asshole!

a few years ago I was riding in the woods
was on some unmarked trails
not marked for bikes or hikers
just some trails in the woods
on one section I got a double flat
it all seemed a bit suspicious
I told my brother as I knew he occassionally rode this same stretch of trails
he too flatted out at this section

later my brother returned to this same set of trails with a police officer (and his older son)
they scanned the area and found some traps under the leaves
someone had put a strip of nails tacked through a long ribbon pointing nail side up
this trap may have been intended for the cyclist
but what if this set of nails poked through a hikers shoes
or worse yet
what if a young child tripped and fell and took a few rusty nails through the hand

the officer ended doing nothing about it
it is good to have these things reported
it is also good to know that the world is filled with wackos!

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