more photos of the family ice skating...

the boys with their new helmets...
okay... dean is wearing his new helmet
grant is wearing his new goggles
but... grant was not doing much skating so I did not press the issue
while dean was pleased to have his helmet on
thanking me for his new helmet after he slammed and did not hurt himself
glad he appreciates the helmet and its benefits

the helmet not only keeps them warm but also keeps them safe

as a father trying not to be too much of a hypocrite I wore m decade old snowboard helmet
it is a great look
as it has that look and feel as if I am prepping to be shot out of a canon

funny... I love to ice skate
not sure why we only skate once or twice a year
maybe I the C&O Canal is open for skating

The National Park Service has a hotline with a recorded message saying what sections are considered skateable and such.
(301) 767-3707

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