not a bad way to spend your third birthday

today grant turned three
yes... grant's birthday is valentines day

not a bad way to spend your birthday
a snow day on valentines day

a morning session of sledding with dad
home for eggs and bacon with mom
then sledding with mom and some neighbors at a slightly larger hill
only to head back for lunch some free play with the toys in the toy room
then back to the same hill as in the morning
dinner at a friends house
home for a bath and bed

not a bad day for a third birthday
snow days rock


thelesters said...

Happy Birthday Grant!

camps said...

Now you're home cookin'

Lee said...

Awesome 3rd BDay. Happy Birthday Grant!

It's good to see you have them in helmets for sledding. Starting them young so its normal to wear a helmet is great. I didn't start wearing a helmet until I started riding again in my 30s. Some will tell you, this might be part of my issues.

Surly Rider said...

Looks like a good bridthday for grant-man and a really nice start of the day for dad. So many dads only want to read the paper and drink their coffee in the morning. Taking that time out becomes really important down the line.

James said...

Man, that looks fun. I want a snow day too.

Fritz said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddo.

You're beard looks just like Grahl's.

gwadzilla said...

or grahl's looks like mine...
depends on your perspective

and I thought...
dave grohl?
tim grahl
got it

Helder said...

Future pickup line?

....ahh Happy B-day to Grant!