a simple situation that is awkward to work around

everyone wants a photograph of themselves
yet no one wants to have their picture taken

we all scan crowd shots of events we attended

then why is it that we shy away from the camera

this morning before work I rolled around town on the karate monkey single
the gearing is for single track on dirt
not for racing the cars in traffic
low top speed
over spinning comes fast

a combination of multiple broken bikes and threat of snow had me on this bike for the last few days
dabbed into some urban single track the day prior
rolled about mellow with the camera after some errands this morning
rolled up on some messengers
rolled up along side some messengers

got some tie dye kits for my younger son's birthday party
got a wide variety of shots around the city

got into work
did the work thing
went in late
so I had to work late
not long... just late

after work I rolled straight to the PUNKLOVE book release party
as cool as it was
there was a certain feeling as if I had crashed someone else's high school reunion
I wandered the crowded gallery space taking it all in
seeing who was in attendance of whose who in dc hardcore
had the camera so I used the camera

tried not to take too much of too many people's time
as people had more important things to say to old friends to some kid who arrived on the scene a little after the start of the party
(that is a metaphor saying that I was not there in 1981... I am not one of the original fifty.... most of the people there were people in the bands... I was just another goober fan waiting in line to talk to Ian Mackaye and Henry Rollins... no... I never got my number called to talk with either Ian or Henry... although I did take a number)

felt a tad intrusive with the camera
shot sans flash inside
only used the flash outside on friends

I found that I need to find a balance
and work on my approach
lola told me that I can say hello before I start taking pictures

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