cars and bikes on the road in rock creek park

that Tony Harris article in the Washington Post yesterday still has me a little steamed

sure.... tony was just trying to be funny
but... so is the guy telling the racist joke
no... he does not think he is a racist
but... he is perpetuating racism
and well... he may well be a racist

tony's anti-bike words are dangerous
too many cars feel as if the bicycle has no right to be on the road
yet... these same drivers feel that it is their right to speed, break the double yellow line whenever they choose, and roll through stop signs/red lights, and ignore the no turn on red signs
okay... no sense in naming every violation in the book
but I will add that so many of these violations are done while on the cell phone
all in a town that has a "hands free cell phone law"

dangerous words
fuel to the fire

I lack the energy to send messages to Tony Harris
as I have come to understand that negative attention is attention
his editor would be pleased to know that his article got a response
so... I lay dormant

this morning I had some time before work
after walking the dog I suited up and mounted up on the specialized cross bike
pointed on the same stretch of road that Tony Harris had written about
only pushing things in the opposite direction

in this pre-work ride I was tailgated by angry and agressive drivers
drivers passed me fast and close
not crossing the double yellow line... just as Tony Harris had joked about
then these drivers overtook the lane
blocking me from passing them on the right
taking away my space on the right when they got stuck in a line at the infrequent stop signs in the park
these people think like Tony Harris wrote
wouldn't be more helpful if this writter used his position to inform instead of misinform
Tony Harris has a great opportunity to enlighten people, but instead he chooses to reinforce the back of the bus mentality that our society needs to outgrow

I scanned for a response or a retraction
but... did not want to sweat it

time to let this go
and get on with my day


elizabeth said...

wow, wishing i hadn't read that article. my blood's boiling too! alas....

Meredith said...

That article shouldn't have made you mad. It is actually quite gratifying, I think. If the guy and his girlfriend would have been on bikes, they would have made it to the movie with time to get snacks before the previews.
I mean, there is the point that gets you mad that these assholes are dangerously and illegally passing the cyclist and how far did it get them? I be the biker passed them all at the next light whre all the brake lights were. City: bikes are faster than cars. AND more reliable. AND don't hafta find parking! I bet Mr. Harris didn't account for time to find parking.

chris d said...

There's no escaping it. On a solo ride around Norfolk on Wednesday a pick-up truck turned out in front of me and had the temerity to flip me off when I yelled "Hey!!!" Three other drivers refused to use the other lane on four-lane roads to go around me, buzzing so close I was pushed toward the gutter. And another woman sped around me only to stop short in turn right. And coming home, in my own neighborhood, a guy I know is a triathlete drove in front of me as he yammered on his phone. They're everywhere.
Articles and comments like that are infuriating. But what can you do?

Alex said...

that really was infuriating. And one of the commenter's stupid remarks about wielding a Glock only brought it to an even lower level.