first day of spring? no photos to tell the tale

last night after work I dipped in and around the city on the single speed
took the same look I had taken the night prior
but tried to work it a little harder
as the night prior I felt sluggish
was really feeling like I had been taking it too easy on the bike
so I tried to lay down the hammer
well... as best as I could

got home feeling a little worked
rolled down my alley and found the wife with the kids hanging with a neighbor and their kids
a good linkage
the younger boys playing on a little gazebo playhouse
while the older boys messed around with the skateboards

I say messing around with the skateboards as skateboarding is difficult
especially for boys who are five and six years old

the boys greeted me with the glee that every parent desires from their dog, wife, and children when they return home from work
checked in with the wife and confirmed that we were still on for a trip to Radius Pizza on the main strip

went back to the boys and their skateboards
tried a 360
then tried to walk the skateboard
then told Dean he would be getting a new skateboard for his 6th birthday
as that board was tough to learn on
it is an old Zorlac that I used for ramp...
it is stiff and tired
not exactly the freestyle stick that the kids of today are riding

I went in and changed out of bicycle commuter gear and into regular people clothes
the boys said goodbyes to their friends
then we swapped out skateboards for bicycles and headed up to Mount Pleasant Street

the boys were stoked to be riding their bikes
they wanted to take the long way
but I could tell that these boys needed to be fed
well... I could tell you that I needed to be fed
so I directed them up on a nearly all alley route through the neighborhood
grant impressed me with his ability to finish the climbs
dean was patient in waiting up for us

lisa and I both worked to try and spot the boys
watching for cars pulling out of their driveways or cars pulling into the alley
always trying to avoid a worst case scenario

I jogged along side the lead rider then ahead in other cases

before we went to Radius we stalled at Lamont Street Park
the boys petitioned to ride a few loops in the little park with its handicap ramp
again grant impressed me with his ability to muscle the last bit of a climb
daddy usually gets off and walks

at the restaurant we saw all sorts of familiar faces
it is funny to get out of the house and head somewhere other than the toddler park

the boys were showing the signs of a mood
the food could not come quickly enough
it was clear that they had not had a post school snack
the boys need a post school snack
there were debates about one wanting pasta and the other wanting spaghetti and meatballs
then when the pizza came for the adults they wanted pizza
which was fine
I would certainly trade some pizza for pasta
the pizza was almost too spicy for the boys but they managed

with full bellies we left for home
the sun had set but it was still moderately warm and enough light to ride home
again I ran along with the boys
with the path home being mostly downhill I ran fast alongside the boys
pleased that they understood the dangers and listened to my commands
the camera was at home so no pictures were taken
another case where it is fine to just live life and not document it
although I guess I am documenting it now

back in the house
some clean up for bedtime
some chess before bedtime
chess instead of a story
then some haggling got them a story as well
the vigorous ride left the boys energized
they fought getting into bed till roughly 10PM

signs of summer
not a bad tuesday night for the first day of spring

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