how is the blog going?

I am a painfully social guy
painful because I am social but for the most part I do not like people
it is a bit of a paradox

in my travels around town I see friends and familiar faces
sometimes I see a familiar face from the cycling community and we stop and catch up
there is sometimes this question, "how is the blog going?"
which to me seems as an odd question
as it reveals that this person has not really ever read my blog

if they were curious about how my blog was going... they could log on
if they had actually read my blog for more than a second
well... they would see that the blog is just an echo of my life
nothing more than a shadow of what is really going on

I have a job.... a job that takes up more hours of my week than my blog
not that I want to talk about my job... but it is more significant than my blog
and well
I am a husband, a father, a dog owner, and a cyclist
all these things before the blog
all these things mentioned on my blog
any of these things a more relevant question than "how is the blog going?"

in answer to your question
the blog is good.

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