it is always vital to keep things in perspective

this weekend did not go entirely as planned
once I put things in perspective I was able to see that it was a pretty darn good weekend

saturday was spent riding bikes with the boys
saturday morning was spent riding bikes with the boys
while saturday afternoon was spent at work
and well... there are places I would rather be and things I rather be doing other than work

the bike ride was good
took the boys for a short ride to the national zoo
just got the trail-a-bike
but the boys each wanted to ride their own bikes
which was fine
I used my redneck engineering to aid three year old grant's pace
tied a rope to his bike so that I could pull him up the hills
dean still had to wait for us from time to time
the boys were stoked
the bike path is something that they have been wanting to experience
and the zoo
well... the boys always love the zoo

on saturday we ran into a friend of dean's and made plans for the following day
plans that were supposed to entertain the kids with the wife while I was racing
plans that changed when the wife got sick and I subbed in with the kids
no worries
no complaints
this was a day well spent

saturday was a day full of great photo ops
had the kids pose and say imaginary cheese for my imaginary camera
as I did not travel with the camera
sometimes there are just not enough hands to fulfill all the tasks
sometimes it is best just to see the world in front of me instead of documenting it

sure sunday I wanted to ride
sure sunday I wanted to race
but that is not how the day played out
the wife was sick so I hung with the fellas
no worries... it was a great day just the same

this morning when I got into work I checked some emails
brian lu always sends out invites to his weekly dj events
each email always has an amusing photo
this week's photo was of some swank velvet portraits
along with the invite to an after party
there was a benefit for a young boy named Callum
I had read the story before
read this story all over again
this story brings me to near tears everytime

callum has spinal muscular atrophy

callum gives me something to think about

callum robbins blog

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