sick day

sick days

today I am at home with my younger son
today is a sick day

when I was a kid I took a good number of sick days
not so much because I was sick
but because I was not so much into school

sick days were different in days before cable
sick days were different in the days before dvd players
I grew up in the age that was the advent of vcrs and the growing popularity of cable television
these things did not enter our house until I was in my late teens

when I was a kid we had the three major networks, one local station, and pbs
sick days tend to be lazy days in front of the television
which had me watching leave it to beaver, i love lucy, and the andy griffith show
television shows from my parent's childhood
then there was a major gap in the middle of the day
filled with nothing but the soaps
days of our lives and general hospital... crap... crap then.... crap now
shows I could not be bothered with then and could care less about now
which made sick days less than a pleasure
but... a day at home was somewhat better than a day at school

my younger son is sick
legitimately sick
too young to know how to play opossum
although we are watching Over the Hedge
in which he could learn to play opossum from the character played by William Shatner

not sure how to take the day...
it is still morning
got him eating some apples
trying to stick with the BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast) diet for an upset stomach
killing the morning with a dvd
planning for some Matsaball soup at the Parkway Deli
which will bring us near City Bikes in Chevy Chase
where I can get some parts for my out of commission bikes

time to step away
as I have been sent to get a SMOOTHIE
not on the BRAT menu
but hopefully the stomach is better and keeping stuff down
dairy is not good for the upset stomach
but that is tough to explain to a three year old

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